Hey there! I am Spud. I live in Kuna, Idaho and I am addicted to kayak bass fishing. 

I am on a mission to explore the waters of Idaho in search for bass, learn, and share what I learn so others can get into this great sport. 

I fish out of a Feelfree Lure 11.5 paddle driven kayak about twice a week year round.

This blog is a place to share what I learn each week. You’ll see both smallmouth and largemouth in the feed. And anything from gear to techniques to location is fair game. 

My journey into this world began not too long ago after working as the Director of Marketing for Anglr.com. 

I’ll be honest. I knew nothing about bass fishing when I started that job. 

But as a marketer you have to get to know your customer and product. As I dove into this world starting in May of 2018 I began speaking with pro bass anglers in the BASS Elite series as well as the most well-known Youtube anglers who were teaching the world to fish on a daily basis. I began to learn simply by being close in proximity to it every day for over a year as I helped create content and learn about the market. 

Derek Horner was on our marketing team and he took me under his wing. He was a very experienced angler who fished competitively all through college at Penn State (2017 PA Bass Federation State Champ). We also worked closely with content creators like the Flukemaster, TylersReelFishing, and Shaye Baker.  I began to acquire knowledge extremely fast because of this unique situation. I feel very lucky to have played some “catch up” by being exposed to all of these smart anglers. 

We took a team trip on our way to iCast in 2019 and I was able to hook into a 6.5 lb largemouth in Lake Okeechobee, FL. 

Holding that giant fish, that moment changed my life forever. 

That Summer I went on to buy my first rod in June for fathers Day. It was a Pflueger President ultralight combo. I used that to catch over a hundred bass over the following year from Mid 2019 to Mid 2020. Then I picked up a few more rods and don’t ask me about how many I have now. 

I’ve continued to learn from guys like Tactical Bassin and Greg Blanchard on YouTube and I will be a lifetime student of the sport. 

I am beginning to identify some patterns in the waters that I fish here in Idaho. I searched far and wide when I got started for good resources and intel to help me find more success but there really wasn’t a lot out there. So, I thought I’d do my part for future anglers and share what I am learning along the way to help them like so many others have helped me. 

I love talking about and learning about fishing. Hit me up for any reason at all! spud@kayakfishingidaho.com 

– Spud